Monday, 1 April 2013

Random Escape

Shopping Trips and Photography

Well, hello. It's been a while!

During my time out from blogging, I've taken a shine to a number of things - photography and jewellery making, mainly. I'm assuming they will take over most of this blog soon enough!

Using a Nikon D3200
I will mention the jewellery making on my next post, but in short, it's frikkin' awesome.

So, my Easter weekend resulted in a random little escape to London. I went with Ayesh - my cousin and soulmate. (She can be found here, in the blogosphere.)

We did stumble upon a little chaos, when we were involved in a road-collision with another car, but we lived, so it made us appreciate our weekend more, if anything!

Anyway, in hope to avoid the cold of Central London, we headed to Westfield shopping centre, in East London. I think the word 'huge' would be an understated description for this place - it's the largest shopping centre in Europe.

We wandered the shops, appreciated the architecture and most importantly, enjoyed some good food! 

Here's a few snaps we took.

I can confidently say it's the best shopping mall I've visited, so far.

I shall love you and leave you with one of my favourite songs - It was written by Adele, describing her love for London, so it seems quite fitting.

Happy Easter!

- T - 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kinda Awkwaaard...

Trunk-a-Bitch (or two)

I must admit, I'm a sucker for those all too familiar awkward moments.

Be it the time when you called your teacher, "Mum.."

Or the time you responded with "I'm good, thanks!" to "Hello!"

Or even that beautiful silence, when everyone, simultaneously, shuts up.

That third one is, most definitely, my favourite. But I guess, my point is that these things happen. As embarrassing as these situations can be, they are, nonetheless,  understandable.

There can be, however, moments that aren't understandable - the awkward little things that just should not happen. Unfortunately, I had experienced one, just a few days back.

And the story goes like this...

We were heading out to play a few games of pool, as you do. G, a good friend of mine, came to pick me up, and off we went.
So there I was, sat in the car - faffing around with the heating and changing the music - when I made the regrettable decision to look up...

"OH MY HOLY...!$%#?!!!!" I shouted. "LOOK!!!"


So... Here's what we saw.

TWO ADULT GIRLSSat in the BOOT (Trunk) of a car

Excuse me, while I say...

*Aaaawkwaaaard *

This was seriously awkward. I mean, they were just there, just chillin', if you will. They glanced at us for a moment, looked away and continued to talk.

The worst of it was that they didn't even look as though they were doing anything against any normality, or against any law. They just sat there, in the boot of an empty car (aside from them and the driver, obviously) as if everything was okay. They actually seemed to be enjoying themselves.


After laughing, for a very, very, very long time. I started to wonder about the likelihood of their situation being a punishment of some sort. I mean, maybe their dad got mad at them and shoved them in the boot. Or maybe he bought a new step-ladder, and figured that it was more worthy of sitting on actual seats, than them.

But then I remembered how much they appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Quite awkwardly..I'm going to change the topic.

My music for this week, to tie in with the 'Awkward Moment' theme, is one of the many chapters, produced by R Kelly, called Trapped in the Closet.

For those of you that are unfamiliar to this, you have been warned. These videos are highly addictive! They follow a loooong series of love affairs, through song. I have chosen this particular chapter specifically, because the ending is, in my opinion, the ultimate awkward moment.

The lead up to this video: A policeman comes home to his wife, who is acting awfully uneasy. This results in him becoming suspicious, and suggests she is hiding something...

R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet Chapter 9

- T -

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Man Hunt!

A Semi-Musical Monday

I like start the week with a good song. I am a genuine lover of music - it's quite unhealthy really. I wake up listening to music, listen to it throughout the day and then fall asleep listening to it. Well, I don't really sleep, but yeah. Although I'm not a very structured individual, I will try to give my Monday posts a musical input.

In memory of the late musical legend, I have to start with my favourite Whitney Houston song. Her music played a massive part in my teen years. Especially this song - Heartbreak Hotel.

In about an hour or so, it will officially be Valentines Day.

Woooooooo!!  (No, not really.)

I recently attempted, with the help of my good friend, MD, a last minute 'man-hunt.' Unfortunately, it failed.

I promise you, I certainly will never ever condone it, but I now understand why some of the male species like to cruise in their down, shades on, music up..looking at the ladies, up and down. (I am actually cringing as I type.)

Me and MD did this for all of, what, five minutes? And then gave up. It really doesn't work. We just felt like pimps.

We had fun, though. Don't judge.  (Source)

So...Valentine's Day alone it is then..

I do genuinely find this video hilarious. Does that make me a terrible person?

Happy Valentine's Day! 

- T -