Monday, 1 April 2013

Random Escape

Shopping Trips and Photography

Well, hello. It's been a while!

During my time out from blogging, I've taken a shine to a number of things - photography and jewellery making, mainly. I'm assuming they will take over most of this blog soon enough!

Using a Nikon D3200
I will mention the jewellery making on my next post, but in short, it's frikkin' awesome.

So, my Easter weekend resulted in a random little escape to London. I went with Ayesh - my cousin and soulmate. (She can be found here, in the blogosphere.)

We did stumble upon a little chaos, when we were involved in a road-collision with another car, but we lived, so it made us appreciate our weekend more, if anything!

Anyway, in hope to avoid the cold of Central London, we headed to Westfield shopping centre, in East London. I think the word 'huge' would be an understated description for this place - it's the largest shopping centre in Europe.

We wandered the shops, appreciated the architecture and most importantly, enjoyed some good food! 

Here's a few snaps we took.

I can confidently say it's the best shopping mall I've visited, so far.

I shall love you and leave you with one of my favourite songs - It was written by Adele, describing her love for London, so it seems quite fitting.

Happy Easter!

- T -